Welcome… and So Long

Welcome to The Bad Idea Blog, a skeptical inquiry into everything from the profoundly stupid to the divinely dumb and everything in between.

No one is safe from lousy arguments, bad assumptions, and confused conclusions: the mission of this blog is to make ideas better. Smarter. Stronger. Skepticism is often seen as being purely negative, but just as a sculptor removes stone to reveal a statue, critical thinking removes the logical flaws and self-deceptions to reveal GOOD ideas: thoughts worth thinking, arguments worth considering, information that actually informs instead of making excuses for ignorance.

This blog is dedicated to and inspired by Perry DeAngelis, an outspoken critic of bad ideas who passed away yesterday. Perry was perhaps best known as the gruff, monkey-loving rogue from the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe Podcast. He also, unlike myself until now, actually got involved in the promotion of skepticism and critical thinking. Though I’ve been a longtime commenter (under various silly pseudonyms) in the world of skepticism and science, I’ve time and time again found excuses not to blog myself (despite having developed blog software since the late 90s). Excuses look especially silly in the face of a lifetime. So long Perry.

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