Homeopathy fading in Italy

Physicist Tommaso Dorigo reports on a study in the Italian press about how homeopathy is on the decline there: a usage reduction in about 15% in just five years. Unless Italians are chronically dehydrated, this is surely good news, even if Mr. Dorigo does offer some reasons to doubt that it reflects any actual public disillusionment with dilution. Of course, this could potentially be good news for homeopathy as well: perhaps the less people who use homeopathy, the more effective it becomes!

More seriously though, Mr. Dorigo also highlights the somewhat troubling finding that homeopathy seems especially popular amongst those with more than just a fraction of high-school education. While this might in part just reflect the prohibitively high costs of alternative medicine as practiced by the higher-end homeo-healers of Europe, there’s definitely something to the idea that alternative treatments seem to appeal more to the white-collar than blue-collar crowd. Well, at least in the West, where many of these treatments are billed as relatively recent doses of savvy counter-cultural wisdom instead of having been a widely accepted local norm.

4 Responses to Homeopathy fading in Italy

  1. Ricky says:

    what is homeopathy
    Few questions to homeopaths
    Homeopaths say that if a person takes a particular medicine for a particular illness say for example Aconite in fever
    then the person recovers from fever. If the person does not have fever then he will have fever homeopaths call it proving I think they all agree with it
    Whether or not person gets cured thats a different question.

    The question is who decides that the person is ill ?
    The person’s body or the medicine itself.
    Either one of them has to decide (there is no third party.)
    Lets say the medicine decides that the person is ill I should heal him or her but how does the medicine take the decision?
    Does it have any database or some mechanism to check the human(homeopaths now are not limited to human they say cat dog any animal or even plant)
    Or thus the person who makes the medicine gives some guideline to the medicine(for example Aconite) that if the persons body temperature is more than normal temperature
    then reduce the temperature but if it is normal then increase the temperature give the person fever(they call it Proving?)
    Does any one see any justification or any explanation of it.
    Now if the person or the person’s body decides that he or she is ill how does it tell that hey my dear friend medicine I am ill I have a fever please cure me.
    And if the persons body decides that he or she is not ill then says to the medicine I am not ill I have taken a wrong medicine so please ignore the medicine or give aggravation as less as possible
    and the medicine says Ok if you have fever do not worry Let me check your system if you do have fever then I will cure you.
    But remember if you do not have fever then you will bring fever in your body. The medicine is smart enough to check the condition of the person.
    The body tells the medicine if already the same medicine is present in the body or not if already there then even if the person has illness it can aggravate(homeopaths say taking too many doses or too high or low potency can cause aggravation they call it healing crises.)
    The medicine checks its own potency compare with the illness, duration how chronic it is (for this case how much the temperature is how old the fever is etc) then acts accordingly.

    Homeopaths say very high potency or low potency cause aggravation
    so the body has to compare medicines potency, number of dose and amount along with persons present situation. My god how much complicated it is!!!
    This has to happen because homeopaths say if person is ill then matching the symptoms they give medicine it cures the patient and if the symptoms do not match
    it cause aggravation(Proving healing crisis aggravation whatever blah blah blah) I think every homeopaths will agree , it is there fundamental belief Right?
    Do any one see any justification or in reality in it.

    Come on either the body has to decide or the medicine has to decide that person is ill or not (depending on it healing or aggravation (or proving)

    Does any homeopath has the ethics or guts to explain who decide “the person or the medicine”?

    Lets say a medicine X is used mainly for 5 symptoms then if the person illness matches 2 symptoms what happens to other 3 symptoms.
    Theoretically it should aggravate the other three symptoms so who takes the responsibility of increasing the problem for the concerned person?.
    The fact is all the 5 symptoms will aggravate. the reason is if you take sugar(I am talking about normal sugar) it will test sweet does not matter what condition is your body how old are you
    You are male female child or old.
    If Mr Hanemann or Kent take a medicine they experienced some symptoms when you take the same medicine you will also feel the same thing.
    After all they are also human being
    (may be God for the homopaths for their profession! thats why when a patient takes the medicine he or she gets cured but when they took the medicine they experienced lot of bad symptoms
    may be they took all the bad effects of the medicine now when we are taking we are healing)
    The dilution does not change the property of the medicine so even if you go infinite dilution like 10000000000000000000000000000
    0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000….. homeopaths say if the symptom does not match then it will
    aggravate they say they experienced with Nux 1M , Sulphur 1M some of them give advise like do not give silika 1M if it is not blah blah blah.. etc.
    Another theory that homeopaths gives that a medicine has two power one is spiritual power that heals the symptoms and other is mechanical
    power that cause the aggravation. I am not going to how many actual molecule of the orginal substance is there in medicine like 30C or 200C
    But the basic question is what part is mechanical power and what part is spiritual power.Do they have any answer
    Now a days homeopaths say they can cure malaria or any virus disease .
    Because after you take homeo medicine the body creates antibody to heal itself
    It is true no doubt about if any virus or poison comes in the body antibodies are created to protect the body.
    But if if you take a homeo medicine of say 30C or 200C how thus the body know which original substance came to the body
    so it can create antibody accordingly!
    Ok theoretically if we agree the Water or alcohol and the sugar pill remembers it or keeps track of it but it has to tell the blood .
    My potency is very high do not search for the original substance you will not find it I am telling you what is the original substance now do the necessary thing.

    I do not know how homeopath with little bit of ethics(if they have any) can say that homeo medicine creates antibody for malaria or any virus disease.

    I am trying to concern people about what homeopaths claim and trying to find out some reality.
    If some one says I gave a peson this and saw this blah blah .
    Where is the clinical proof where is the theoretical justification?

  2. Louis says:

    Dear Ricky,

    I actually had fun reading this article.
    May I ask you what credentials you have to come up with such deep discussions.

    Just curious.

  3. Dr. Nancy Malik says:

    Homeopathy cures where Conventional Allopathic Medicine (CAM) fails

  4. Bad says:

    Please, if you have evidence demonstrating this, by all means provide it.

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