Sal Cordova, easily amused by his own antics…

Over at Dispatches, Ed Brayton highlights some of the latest gymnastics by Intelligent Design blogger Sal Cordova to avoid the rather obvious point that the phrase “Intelligent Design” came into its modern popular usage by the anti-evolutionary crowd as a response to the legal defeat of more overt forms of creationism.

Brayton, however, doesn’t put enough emphasis on the cautionary lesson here: when you have something of a reputation as a quote miner and a rather sloppy interpreter of science, perhaps it’s not the best idea to joke about quote mining and even putting misleading concatenations on stickers and T-shirts… particularly when it then turns out that you are half-serious about the T-Shirts. You certainly don’t see accused serial fabulist Scott Beauchamp breaking out of military PR quarantine just to file a report entitled [latest fabrications, tee hee].

I guess we’ll just have to take heart from the fact that Mr. Cordova’s “quote mine of the day” idea never caught on as a regular feature.

3 Responses to Sal Cordova, easily amused by his own antics…

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    It’s as if Cordova just can’t stop himself. He doctored a quote from Ken Miller a few weeks back. I called him on it (the only time my name hasn’t been banned immediately from that blog), and after some time when he appeared reluctant to admit the error, he admitted error, then strip-quoted Miller anew. Here:

    When you say Cordova is easily amused by his own antics, you’re assuming he knows what he’s doing. I’m not sure he’s conscious of what he’s doing.

  2. Bad says:

    “Easily amused” was actually just a Futurama reference I couldn’t help myself from making, but in any case I think Mr. Cordova seems pretty conscious of the issue, at least now that he’s been called out on it so much. I just question the wisdom of making strained yuks out of a charge you are trying to defend yourself from.

  3. […] Back when I first started blogging, one of the first things I highlighted were the madcap quote-mining antics of Intelligent Design sycophant Sal Cordova. Sal has been a longtime net presence on numerous forms devoted to evolution and intelligent […]

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