Same-Sex Unions discovered in Medieval Europe

Via LiveScience: Civil unions between male couples existed around 600 years ago in medieval Europe, a historian now says.

How long before civil-union opponents start anachronistically using this to argue that gay rights will lead us right back into the dark ages?

Still, this is a pretty fascinating historical insight, if it holds up. Possibly the most compelling evidence for the practice was this ancient tapestry.

10 Responses to Same-Sex Unions discovered in Medieval Europe

  1. TauHecht says:

    Well, same sex union proponents can use the same logic to say that heterosexual sex is so last millenia. I mean, seriously, the penis and vagina thing has been done to death. We need a new, fashionable orifice to stick things in.

    Really though, any argument based on historical homosexuality is not logical. On either pulpit. People have packed fudge as long as there was fudge to pack. A behavior’s existence in the past does not discredit it. In the past we invented, that does not make invention wrong.

    We used to create new and wonderful devices to expedite the process of annihiliating lesser species, that doesn’t mean we should stop. If anything, we should double our efforts. Dolphins are getting rather uppity, and once they evolve thumbs and gain access to AK-47s, hummanity is rightly ‘effed in the a. But I digress.

  2. Bad says:

    Oh I certainly think the insight is worthwhile, if only to get a sense that human culture has been a lot more complex and varied than most people give it credit for. A heck of a lot of people’s ideas about the good society are based on their understanding of tradition and the past. If that understanding turns out to be unrealistic, that matters.

  3. I find it interestng that you state that the “anti civil union crowd” will argue that such things will take us back to the “dark ages,” while many like you often claim that Christianity is out of the dark ages. That’s rather inconsistent, don’t you think?

    But then again, I’ve not read enough of your posts to know if you make that argument or not.

  4. Bad says:

    It would only be inconsistent if that were the sort of thing that I would say, which it isn’t. For what it’s worth, I’ve also never heard anyone claim that: most people understand quite well when Christianity started, given that our handy dandy A.D. calendar system makes it easy to keep track.

  5. My apologies, then, though I have heard that statement made often… though Christianity’s been around longer than six hundred years. You know that, right?

  6. Bad says:

    Are you really asking me that? What do you think I meant by the comment about A.D.? :)

  7. I think I’m confused… but I think I’m not now. Some people make the argument that Christianity takes us back to the Dark Ages because of the rampant ignorance and persecution caused by so-called “Christian” leaders. I think you might have thought I meant that some people say Christianity started in the Dark Ages…

    oh, well. I guess it doesn’t matter all that much.

  8. Jedi says:

    The information who votes is at least as important as the the information for who you vote. Gathering your political profile is the last puzzle piece in the ultimate data mining afford.

  9. Is it possible to have psoriatic arthritis even though all your blood tests are ‘normal’…

    […]Same-Sex Unions discovered in Medieval Europe « The Bad Idea Blog[…]…

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