Are you an Idiot? wants to know!

I didn’t really expect much from a site called But even so, when I tried out their “Are you a psychic?” test on a lark I was still unprepared for the colossal stupidity that I discovered.

You see, many of the questions on the test confront you with the following image and question:

q2.gif 2. There is a picture printed beneath this gray card. What is the picture of?

There are then a bunch of options offered, such as “A baseball” or “A basketball” and so on.

The “card,” of course, is a simple .gif image, not a card, not printed. There is no “beneath.” There is no “other side” to a picture on a computer screen. The very idea makes no sense whatsoever. Just to be sure, I even scanned the page’s HTML code to see if they had actually tried to layer a second image behind the first, which would still be ridiculous, but at least show some effort. Nothing.

A real person designed this test. I prefer to imagine that they were a secret skeptic, having a good laugh. The alternative is simply frightening.

One Response to Are you an Idiot? wants to know!

  1. Bug Girl says:

    wow. That -is- pretty amazing.

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