How people are getting here…

The most recent Skeptic’s Circle, hosted over at Unscrewing the Inscrutable, has been sending lots of people my way recently. Unfortunately, since they are all fellow skeptics, this does not lead to much in the way of interesting debate or interfacing with the sorts of people who might actually believe in things like DNA perfume, self-charging phones, or homicidal homeopathy. And, frankly, that’s sort of my hoped-for target audience. Skepticism does no good cooped up inside its own little bubble: I need to think of more ways to engage folks who don’t know what pareodalia means. We’ll see…

That said, I’m still pulling in ridiculous amounts of traffic from folks searching for information about the Virgin Mary’s apparently ongoing engagement on a PA Minersville garage door.

There’s also been a recent unexplained spike in searches about “Sam Chen,” intelligent design flack and awarder of hilariously pretentious booby-prize awards. But the best search of all that brought someone to my blog was “clip art of anti-Christian culture war.” Now that, I want to see.

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