Police Chief writes himself a ticket!

Wow: kudos to this guy. He charged himself 235$ and put four points on his own license because he realized he’d broken the law… and no one was around to enforce it but himself.

I have the utmost respect for police officers and the things they have to put up with, but unfortunately the profession has too often allowed itself to be corrupted by the drug war and compromised in the public eye by blue wall nonsense.

Even the small stuff matters: here in Cleveland I, regularly see officers violate traffic laws (speeding, making illegal turns, etc.) without using their lights. This is not only illegal but dangerous: officers can, of course, have legitimate reasons for exceeding normal traffic rules, but they are required to officially alert other drivers before doing such unexpected things. Seeing them doing things they’d ticket people for sets a terrible example, and only heightens the perception that officers are working more to extract money in fines rather than to increase public safety.

Bravo to this police chief for setting the example. Not only was this the right thing to do, but the media coverage will hopefully make other people think twice about speeding past a schoolbus.

2 Responses to Police Chief writes himself a ticket!

  1. dabond says:

    Wow. What an honest guy. He really upholds the law.

  2. meeyotch says:

    It’s nice to see a police officer doing the right thing. My hometown was awash with horrible corrupt cops, and it’s nice to see one stand up and do something good for a change.

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