De-Conversion Differences: Non-Belief isn’t Non-Being

Remember how I mentioned that atheists often refute the “life has no meaning without my particular ideology” claim simply by expressing themselves and the meaning they do, against all the supposed odds, find in their life? Over at de-conversion, blogger LaShawn is the latest example passing on some heartfelt thoughts about what is truly meaningful to her, in the absence of an obsession with the ontological.

As she notes, being a believer was once an all-consuming identity: the most important thing in life. But as an atheist, things like being “a daughter, a sister, a friend, and hopefully one day a mother” all dwarf the ultimately rather small and happenstance reality of being an atheist. Atheism need not replace religion in one’s life. The breakthrough comes from realizing that a lost religion doesn’t need replacing: there was always plenty in your life to begin with.

One Response to De-Conversion Differences: Non-Belief isn’t Non-Being

  1. happyatom says:

    When people discuss the fact that atheists supposedly don’t have a point in life I usually say something along the lines of : “I don’t need to be threatened by eternal suffering to know that I should be a good person.”

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