Baylor’s Lariat covers ID wesbite controversy, proudly featured in “Expelled”

For anyone who still thinks that Baylor Christian University asking a Professor Marks not to host his ID website on their servers unless he includes disclaimers about it not being an official Baylor project is the greatest intellectual crime against science since they burned Giordano Bruno at the stake, there’s a long article on the subject over at Baylor’s campus paper, the Lariat. Fair warning: it doesn’t really cast much additional light on this already alarmingly vacuous controversy. It mostly paints the entire affair as a bunch of bureaucratic squabbles over grant procedures, personal irritation with finding Dembski sneaking back onto campus, and the university getting pissy that Marks was spending all his time on promoting ID instead of working in his contracted area of expertise (computer and electrical engineering) and producing deliverables for the department (sound familiar?).

Now, the interesting thing to me has always been trying to figure out how Professor Mark’s website itself constituted “research,” as is constantly implied, let alone how temporarily not hosting it on a particular server somehow quashes this “research.” Marks even calls the website an “Informatics Lab,” as if it were a physical place full of bespectacled young grad-students conducting important experiments under his direction. And yet, even the Discovery Institute’s breathlessly clueless “this is a national controversy!” article implies that it was just hosting a bunch of papers co-authored with former Baylor professor and ID point-man Bill Dembski. By that score, Baylor is hating on my intellectual freedom by not hosting my blog.

Anyway, I’m still having a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea that Ben Stein and the producers of “Expelled” actually thought that this non-story was such a big deal that they had to rush down there to and work it into their film at the last minute.

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