Edith Stevens and Richard McLean of Boulder Colorado should be remembered as crooks

I should probably be more wary of singling out ordinary citizens for condemnation, but in this case, the couple in question deserve every bit of the negative attention. Edith Stevens, a lawyer, and her husband, Richard McLean, a former judge and Boulder, CO mayor, are in hot water for using legal maneuver most people have never heard of to essentially steal a large portion of the land owned by their neighbors and ruin them financially in the process.

The legal maneuver the couple used is known as adverse possession. It has always been a controversial and decidedly sketchy principle of common law, because it essentially allows those schooled in using this obscure legal provision (like lawyers) to conspire to quietly steal from the unaware (like the Kirlins, in this case). While there are some reasonable justifications for why it’s a necessary part of property law, none of those justifications apply here: even if this was done in the letter of the statute, it grossly violated the spirit. Worse, the McLeans seem to have benefited from some serious cronyism, receiving especially snappy and favorable treatment from people in local government that were political allies, current friends, and former colleagues. Especially as a Democrat (Stevens is a former local party chair), I’m ashamed and disgusted. I take comfort only in the fact that Stevens appears to have had to resign from the campaign of a local Democratic representative.

The really despicable thing about all this is that the McLeans may well be legally in the clear: through a series of loopholes and passed bucks, no one is likely to hold them accountable (the case is being appealed, but appeals only have a very limited basis). The Kirlins will never be able to build a house on their land, and they will be out not only hundreds of thousands of dollars in invested property value (property they paid taxes on to the very same city that then handed it over to a good buddy) but also more than a 100,000 dollars in legal fees.

All we can do is call upon the power the internet to expose the McCleans’ shameful antics and make sure their behavior cannot survive the light of day. I predict that not long from now, anyone googling Edith Stevens or Richard McLean will see, as the top result, their new appellation of “Crooks.” They’ll may chuckle all the way to the bank anyway, but hopefully a lot fewer people will show up to their cocktail parties, thrown on stolen land.

10 Responses to Edith Stevens and Richard McLean of Boulder Colorado should be remembered as crooks

  1. Larry Turnage says:

    These human waste will never have peace because of this. I think there address is XXXX XXXXXXX Drive Boulder, Colorado XXX-XXX-3324 (-see my comment below)

  2. Bad says:

    If people want to find out where they live, they can search other places on the internet, but… I don’t think I want to offer that here. I don’t really feel comfortable supporting direct harassment by strangers on the internet (which a phone number encourages), from people that aren’t part of the community involved.

    I hope you understand and can respect my wishes about this: I really don’t like the idea of changing other people’s posts, but in this case, it seems one step too far. I actually considered posting pictures of the McCleans with this article, but decided against it for the same reason. I don’t mind the idea of them facing the public by name, but there are a lot of crazy people out there, and I don’t think anything worthwhile can come out of anonymous harassing phone calls or visits to the property by strangers.

  3. msojoe says:

    They know where they live! And it is not a place where most peope would want to be; stealing their neighbors property, reagardless of how they did it! Who said “the law is an ass”. And these people are assholes!

  4. Jane says:

    So where are the other places one can find the Stevens’ phone number? I really have no problem at all phoning up total strangers and telling them what I think of this. If they think they’ve behaved rightly, they should be willing to stand up and be counted.

    Actually, they’ve validated every ugly stereotype of sociopathic lawyers.

    Shakespeare got it right.

  5. Theresa Brown says:

    Go to Rants and Raves for Boulder on Craigslist. That poster says it all in less than a sentence.

  6. Ed says:

    They’re scum, pure and simple. I have never heard of such an outrage in the 20 some years I have been living in Colorado. Just goes to show, you don’t necessarily know what kind of people you neighbors are.

  7. Sarah says:

    I don’t know why the address was blocked out on Larry’s response. This information is available just by looking it up in the white pages.

    Search for Richard McLean, Boulder on anywho.com and it pops right up.

    McLean, Richard
    2059 Hardscrabble Dr
    Boulder, CO 80305

  8. I found your web site when I was searching for something entirely different, but this page was on the first page of Bing your website must be insanely popular! Continue the awesome job!

  9. Been searching for information just like this thanks for getting it out there.

  10. Jennifer Sweet says:

    I say, feel free to write the immoral bastards, but don’t call and don’t visit. I think everyone should be able to tell someone else ONE TIME what you think of them….anything more is harrassment. I am not in Boulder, just in Colorado. What Richard McLean and Edith Stevens have done to our state and our communities’ abilities to trust our neighbors is heinous. If I had my druthers, Richard McLean & Edith Stevens would be our first colonists on Mars. They wouldn’t have to steal anybody else’s land then.

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