74th Skeptic’s Circle & Other Likable Links

Med Journal Watch is hosting the 74th bi-weekly Skeptic’s Circle: a free and sumptuous smörgåsbord of skeptical scrivenings.

Some more splendid splutterings worth your blogosphere business:

The Bug Girl lays into what I found to be a downright astonishingly awful mix of sexism and scientific ignorance spread by Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie.

If you finally want to understand what Quantum Theory is really all about, then don’t miss The Quantum Pontiff’s recent “Learn Quantum Theory in Ten Minutes.”

If instead you want to truly understand how profoundly silly and wonderful comic books are, then you will be drawn by a mysterious power to over to The Presidential Fury of Future Lincoln from Chris’ Invincible Super-Blog.

Alternatively, you can just make yourself upset all over again as The Agitator’s Radley Balko looks back on the one year anniversary of 92-year old Kathryn Johnston’s murder by Atlanta police officers. Going to Hooters is apparently a big no no in the wonderful world of no-knock S.W.A.T. antics: repeatedly killing innocent civilians? Eh… whatcha gonna do, cry about it? Remember: the police always, always execute the dog, and if you mouth off about it, they’ll taser you just for good measure.

Update: And then some back and shoot the dog some more, for fun. Seriously, if police officers, who for the most part are overworked folks who have to deal with scum and villainy day in and day out, don’t want ordinary people to think that their profession is full of sadists, psychopaths, and screwups, how about taking a stand against these sorts of abuses of power rather than shrugging them off or even making excuses for them?

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