Texas Creationists Make their Move: Where is Ben Stein to Defend “Free Speech?”

I can’t miss mentioning the biggest story on the sciencebloginterwebz! Remember creationist State Education Board Director Don McLeroy and his assurances that, in the great state of Texas, science education would be about science?

“Anything taught in science has to have consensus in the science community – and intelligent design does not.”

Sounded pretty good, no? At the time I was pretty skeptical. Apparently, though, not skeptical enough.

McLeroy and his folks are looking to revamp Texas’ science standards soon, and apparently, are proactively purging state government of anyone who might get in the way of their agenda. Yes, that’s right: for merely forwarding an email on her Texas Education Agency account, science-lovin Chris Comer was booted out. What was the forward? An email merely announcing and recommending a local and upcoming talk by someone who opposes Intelligent Design.

Seems like a job for Intelligent Design pal Ben Stein and his crusade to “protect free speech,” no? I’m sure he’ll get right on it.

One Response to Texas Creationists Make their Move: Where is Ben Stein to Defend “Free Speech?”

  1. Yojimbo says:

    Of course not! Free speech has to support ID. Speaking against ID can’t be free because it is constrained by stuff like facts.

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