Chimpanzees Beat Humans on Visual Memory Tests

Human beings pride themselves on their superiority in the animal kingdom, mostly by counting as important only those things that we truly do excel at. But it turns out that our unimpressive color vision apparently isn’t the only place where our much vaunted brain can’t always measure up, even against some of our closest relatives. If humans were simply in another whole mental class away from other animals, you might expect that we’d by far exceed even chimps in everything: that our otherworldly “mind” would show an all encompassing awesomeness in every area. This test is, instead, consistent with the idea that our minds and faculties are products of an evolutionary history that, while it involved many progressive improvements, didn’t necessarily provide incentives for to-the-max development in every area.

For more on your crazy brain, check out the late, great Jerry Andress playing all sorts of tricks with it (the bolts and nuts at the end is one of the best optical illusions ever constructed).

It’s going to be a busy week for me again, by the way: lots of web design work, and now 55 gallons of saltwater
to take care of (an early Christmas present). I’ll try to keep yakking at least once every day from now on though: long hiatuses are so dull!

2 Responses to Chimpanzees Beat Humans on Visual Memory Tests

  1. mike says:

    A short video segment on the chimp-vs-human memory test:

  2. cheryl says:

    Ok – this is cool!

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