Mine is Bigger than Yours: The True Spirit of Christmas?

I think a good measure of whether or not you and I can get along is whether or not you find the people in this story to be as utterly deranged as I do. Somehow, I don’t think treating Hanukkah as if it were an opposing football team is really what Santa Claus intended.

Update: Atheists get in on the game, though in this case, seemingly to prove a point about what an open forum on public lands really means (i.e. you can’t only have the opinions you like).

5 Responses to Mine is Bigger than Yours: The True Spirit of Christmas?

  1. giant rabbit says:

    It struck me as pretty deranged, and exceptionally petty, in light of the obvious “we can’t let the damned Jews win this one” subtext, which is nasty anywhere, and in addition just silly when it takes place on Long Island.

    That said, otherwise rational people can be pretty deranged about this stuff. I myself am pretty nearly an atheist, and I really like huge Christmas trees.

    At least they didn’t attempt to erect a giant nativity scene with an eight-foot baby Jesus, although a huge baby Jesus would have been a challenge for the local art students to steal.

  2. What’s really deranged is the need to chop down a beautiful 20 foot blue spruce. Haven’t they heard of fake trees? I hope they planted a new Blue to replace the one they murdered. :)

  3. Well, I don’t know if they’re actually deranged. Awfully uptight, certainly. (sigh)

    George Bush makes it hard to be a Republican. People like this make it hard to be a theist.

    But for all that, I still love Christmas. “Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward Men”. Surely that is a sentiment that all reasonable, benevolent, human beings can embrace, irrespective of their way of viewing God and the Universe. Regardless of how one perceives God, (or chooses not to), the fact is we’re all stuck here on this rock with each other. If people like “Godsgirl” remembered that, this world would be a better place.

    Merry Christmas, my friend.


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