Lima Ohio Police Steal 400,000 dollars, then Go Execute a Mother of Six

Actual Lima website graphic!Luther Ricks Sr., age 63, was attacked in his home: his son stabbed, his family threatened with death. Mr. Ricks managed to break free, grab a gun, and save his son by shooting one of the burglars who had invaded his life and attacked his family.

Unfortunately, then the police got involved.

While they cleared him in the shooting, they found a small amount of marijuana in his home, which Ricks claimed he used for treating his ailments. Based on this, and with no further charges filed, let alone any case proven in a court of law, the police department treated itself to more than 400,000 dollars that Ricks had kept in his home safe (Ricks and his wife had never opened a bank account, worked at a steel foundry for 30 years, and lived modestly).

The pretext here were the shameful drug forfeiture laws, by which police need only lazily suggest that any significant quantity of money they find was at least partially related to drug trade in order to seize it all. Once taken, there’s no chance at all of them ever giving any of it back voluntarily.

Mr. Ricks is in every sense of the term being treated as guilty until proven innocent here. It’s his burden to produce pay stubs dating back 30 years showing that every cent was earned legally (a sort of financial “one drop” rule). It’s his responsibility to hire a lawyer to lobby his case in court: though with his life savings stolen, this is perversely impossible. And even if he did all this and won, the government does not have to pay him back any of his legal fees (which in cases like this could run up to a significant percentage of his lost money, presuming he ever gets any of it back).

So you’ve just stolen 400,000 from an old man and his wife after their son was stabbed. What next?

Why, you go and execute a mother of six, of course! I’m speaking here of this same police department’s entry in the seemingly endless number of botched SWAT raids, in which the police are shocked, shocked to find that rushing into a house (often the wrong house) screaming and attacking sleeping people could lead to chaos, confusion, and death. I mean, that almost never happens… well, except in the hundreds and hundreds of documented cases in which it does… that we know about.

As often happens, the police are refusing to release details about their own conduct, brushing off questions with references to an investigation that will (oh surely!) reveal the truth of how it was totally sensible and justified after all to knowingly burst unannounced into a house full of children in the middle of the night with riot gear and fingers jiggling on the triggers of machine guns. And if anything went wrong, it was the fault of the people inside for not responding exactly correctly in the split seconds between waking up and realizing what was happening. Or maybe all the fault of the suspect they were after, since he somehow forced the police to shoot a baby (as they also did, whether before or after gunning down its unarmed mother we don’t know).

Why is it like this? Why are police departments in the position of taking money without due process in the first place? Why are they ramping up no-knock SWAT raids for seemingly every minor warrant when these tactics seem to harm public safety and even the safety of officers themselves? Why are they acting like they serve the interests of a professional clique instead of serving the public? Why, when one of their own testifies to the truth instead of lying to help fellow officers, is he slandered, attacked, and penalized (note the absolutely incredible regulation mentioned in this story too: officers can only wear their uniforms when testifying for the prosecution, despite the fact that they are supposed to be public servants interested in justice and facts, not on anyone’s “team”)?

The Lima police department should be ashamed of itself and searching for ways to change, not scrambling to find ways to ride out the Public Relations storm until people just forget, and things can go back to business as usual. But it’s not even clear that anyone at the department acknowledges that there is a problem.

This is not the relationship that the police should have with the public they serve. And conforming to this warped status quo is not something that most honest officers should be faced with. It would be easy to blame the drug war, and that’s part of it. But the institutional and legal corruption aren’t going to be solved even by abolition: they have their own momentum at this point.

It seems like we as a society really need to figure out just what the role of law enforcement in our society is: what it should be accomplishing, how it should see itself, who its responsible to. What we have now increasingly is not working: its turning the police into a tribe of its own rather than an extension of the public will.

Update: The SWAT department has still refused to release any real details of the case (the seemingly S.O.P. here is to stall like this under the media coverage goes away, and then quietly drop the issue) but they have seen fit to remove the animated graphic of an officer shooting visitors to their website that I included above.  Classy move guys!

32 Responses to Lima Ohio Police Steal 400,000 dollars, then Go Execute a Mother of Six

  1. Appalling. I would think that Mr. Ricks’ case is tailor-made as a Fourth Amendment Supreme Court case. Then again, considering the current Supreme Court composition, maybe that would be futile.

  2. […] of law before going on a spending spree with money they nabbed off someone’s front seat.  Or stole out of a locked safe after supposedly showing up to “help.”   The police are supposed to be in the […]

  3. Eddy says:

    This is a crazy thought. And I’m just throwing it out there. Bear with me on this one, it may be hard to understand. DON’T HAVE ILLICIT DRUGS, OBEY THE LAW, oh and QUIT painting every suspect as a wonderful person whos never done a thing wrong, and were waiting in line to get their angel wings when the police shot them. Think about it. Don’t hang out with scum of the earth, don’t hang out at known crack houses. It’s not a hard concept to grasp. Oh and don’t have 6 damned kids when you can’t afford 1 damn kid. You cry baby ass liberals are on your way to destroying this great country. The government pays for all your stuff and what do you people do? You do/sell drugs and don’t even try to have attempt to try and get involved in a decent career. Oh wait that’s the governments fault you can’t get a career, a good ole case of “THE MAN” keeping you down. Quit your bitching and do something productive with yourself . That’s all.

    • Jay says:

      Eddy, what is so hard for YOU to understand about the fact that many of the victims of SWAT raids DO NOT BREAK THE LAW OR HAVE ILLICIT DRUGS IN THEIR HOUSE. I hope the next person who wakes up in the middle of the night to explosions in their house and guns pointed in their face is you and then you’ll understand. If bursting into peoples homes with machine guns based on little or no intel for petty drug offenses often results in death, MAYBE THEY SHOULD STOP DOING IT.

      • damon says:

        And I hope that someone like yourself gets caught up and held as a hostage, and no officer comes within a hundred miles of you, since your so smart and know everything that happens. Hey, can you also give me your way to gather Intel on the situations, your first person expertise on all the situations, and your criminal law degree?

    • Eddy, have you always been retarded?

    • Sinclair says:

      Eddy your a true idiot if you honestly think anything you just posted has any truth to it, get a real life and stop listening to the stupid right wing propaganda, oh and save your great, I am not a liberal or democrat. Apparently just smarter than you!

    • You are actually supporting the murder of a mother. What kind of sick and twisted individuals is this society turning out? I bet if it had been anyone other than a cop killing that mother you would be screaming for the chair. I seriously need to move… to another planet. People are just fucking sick…

    • I knew this man personally he was No thug he was No crack dealer or coke dealer he was a very good person and what the cops did was robbery any way you look at it so what the fuck he had some marijuana I smoke it everyday for my pain and illness if you are against marijuana then you are against GOD period. It is a natural plant unlike those pill’s that are pushed on the people by drug dealing doctors that are approved by the FDA that has killed more Americans than all Americas wars combined so educate yourself

    • First of all bitch ass eddy; u white mf stole every fkn thing u claimed was earned.. Then U White mf’s R The Ones Who Were The First Terrorists: The Ones whom BROUGHT DRUGS OF ALL TO THE TABLE..So Bitch FOH.. U STILL HAVE THIEVES ON THE LIMA PIGGZ DEPARTMENT AS WELL AS THE ALSO ( SHERIFF )..GO FIGURE. AND 4 THE BROWN PPL I GUESS THEY SHOULD BE TIRED OF WORKING; WHITNEY STOLE EVERYTHING THAT THE BROWN PPL BUILT.

  4. Bad says:

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, was an example of a man who has no actual argument against any of the corrupt and illegitimate practices I describe here.

    He despises the people who got hurt or killed, wants us to know that they had it coming because they are beneath himself, imperfect, have poor judgment, or are guilty of minor crimes. But he has no defense of drug forfeiture laws, no knock raids, officers penalized for telling the truth in court instead of lying, and so on.

    In short, plenty of emotionalized ego-wanking, but no coherent moral sense behind it all.

  5. Jamie says:

    Finally. Thank you Edy for saying it. Common sense. I love your post. It speaks the truth. That is what is happening and the culprits are too ashamed to admit they’re doing it. Instead they try and make you feel bad for speaking the truth.


  6. Bad says:

    It’s highly amusing, “Jamie,” that you would misspell “Eddy” given that you and Eddy are both using the same IP address, and are almost certainly the same person.

  7. Jamie says:

    I’m his wife. We both serve. I won’t tell you what we do, because knowing your kind you’d call our jobs. It aint worth the hassle. It is the truth though. Research the FBI Uniform Crime Reports and you’ll find that only appx. 15% of the US population is African Americans. No big deal till you find that US prisons show 75-80% of their population is African American.

    That’s if you’re interested. We’re not racist we’re honest hard working Americans, and are both sick of the BS “you’re just arresting me because you’re racist” BS. We were born white and we’re supposed to be sorry for that? We’re sick of seeing degenerates with no insurance come into contact with us and cost us thousands while they do nothing more that breed, do drugs, live off the Gov’t they hate, and blame everyone else for their own issues in which they created for themselves.

    You know it to be true. Don’t lie to yourself.

    • What in the actual fuck does anything you just said have to do with the article. What have you to say about thugs STEALING 400,000 dollars (grand theft) and the same thugs MURDERING a woman for no reason? Eh? How the fuck can you defend that shit? This isn’t about racism or welfare. It is about robbery and murder perpetrated by those who are supposed to “serve and protect” the people! Get that through your thick skull. Nobody gives two shits about your irrelevant beliefs about racism and welfare.

  8. Bad says:

    I’m his wife.

    What, do you follow each other around on the internet, patting each other on the back? That’s so cute!

    In any case, you clowns still haven’t put together a single coherent point against anything I’ve said or argued.

    What you have said I’ll let speak for itself. Quite a chip on your shoulder you’ve got there though, which makes me really hope that when you say “serve” you don’t mean that you’re police officers.

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  13. jim miller says:

    police corruption does not have to be taking bribes.Police officers that commit perjury in court are also corrupt. The Lima police do plenty of that.

  14. dunlapbryan says:

    I know this will sound like a cop out but the real truth is you’re all right. There are a huge number of freeloaders living off the government and then bitching about how the government is run. On the other hand the forfeiture laws are legalized theft. Period. The problem with this article is that it combines two separate cases and somehow tries to use one case as justification for the author’s stance on the other. We The People need to get educated on the law. Not just the ones we agree with or not just the ones we disagree with. The cops are not the WHOLE problem. WE are! The mother of 6 was staying in a known crack house. While certainly not justification for the shooting, it certainly increased the chances of it happening. The other case SOUNDS like a clear case of legalized theft based on forfeiture laws. If true, I hope he wins and then sues! I also hope the public pays attention and works TOGETHER to end ridiculous laws such as these. Bitching won’t fix it. We need to stand up, get smart and actually DO something about it.

  15. bill cook says:

    Ya, never mind the fact he was a known drug dealer and the SWAT team was carrying out a legal raid, with an arrest warrant, for proven drug dealing. Never let facts get in your way of pretending to be a “reporter”.

  16. Sandy Lyle says:

    it wasn’t a dug raid Bill. his wife’s nephew broke in his house and hurt his son and threating them , he killed the nephew and called the cops because of the robbery, see people talk shit and don’t know what really happened, luther can’t sue, his wife has to, he passed away, i know all this cause he was my neighbor for years

  17. Sandy Lyle says:

    i meant to say drug not dug and there wasn’t a warrant,

  18. Anita Kiefer says:

    This has got to stop Lima police dept is corrupt…killing dogs..stealing from people. .killing people…beating people…all in the name of the LAW??? Right…We all need to stand up n stop this shit…wtf LPD? ??

  19. Moon+lighter says:

    It sounds like the son is a dealer. Not the cops fault.

  20. Bev says:

    Would have been more outraged by what happened to the Ricks if you had stopped with their story. By bringing up rather old pass incidents you weaken your argument considerably in my eyes.
    You have lumped the Ricks in with the very “type” of people you want the public to believe they are not. That being said….if what you have presented is the facts of the case where did enforcement have a right to search their safe???

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