Lou Dobbs, Angry White Man, is Angry at How Angry Everyone Is

Is there anything more ridiculous than a windy political pundit complaining about “partisan nonsense” and “predictable platitudes” out of politicians?

Who was it that chose to turn some minor sniping amongst candidates into headline news, again?  Who is it that only covers “partisan nonsense” and immediately tunes out whenever candidates try to talk about issues in any detail?  There’s a reason why politicians speak mostly in on-message soundbytes: those are the only things that anyone ever gets to hear.  There’s a reason why they are rarely very specific about policy plans: no one really wants to listen to them in the first place, and it’s only ever the downsides and criticisms that will make the news, if anything.

There’s a good argument to be made that the press is just as helpless in all of this as the politicians whose behavior they drive.  But at the very least, people who make a steady living off of trying to create drama and 24/7 outrage should probably have the sense and decency not complain about anyone else creating drama and harping on outrage, let alone “avoiding the real issues.”

And while we’re at is, how arrogant do you have to be to basically end every thought with “if candidates don’t do exactly as I think they should, then they aren’t addressing the real problem.”  It’s one thing to push for the sort of protectionist isolationism that Dobbs favors.  But have some sense of the scope of the debate: not everyone agrees that barring trade and “sealing the borders” is an acceptable or workable solution to everything, and the fact that people don’t agree isn’t the same thing as not understanding or caring about the problem.

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