What Some Actually Good Criticisms of Dawkins and Harris Might Look Like…

David Friedman, an “academic economist” (in quotes only because it seems like there’s an interesting story there) has two posts worth reading, one discussing his reactions to Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris and the next his position that it’s really premature to discount all religion as potential insightful or useful, regardless of whether one agrees with any religion or not.

Not saying that I agree with him in every respect, but I respect where we might disagree a lot more than I do with other critics.

2 Responses to What Some Actually Good Criticisms of Dawkins and Harris Might Look Like…

  1. Two very interesting posts from Prof. Friedman. I suppose it should come as no surprise that there were comments from both theists and atheists who had their panties in a bunch over what he wrote, which I personally found to be quite reasonable. Above all, he admits to a healthy respect for the margin of error in his own philosophies, something which is often sadly missing in both theists and atheists alike.

    I must say that his criticisms of Dawkins are similar to mine, except that he expresses them much more articulately than I did.

    Thank you for posting this. It does you credit.


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