Israeli Knesset Member Warns of “Gay Plague”

…and proposes the creation of “rehabilitation centers.” Just in case you were worried, they wouldn’t be mandatory… unless of course, you are actually caught in the act of gay by his gaystapo.

He even claims that Israel is in mortal danger of destruction from gay.

Somehow I don’t see it.

Israel is one of the freest nations on earth in terms of homosexual civil rights. Despite not having a constitutional separation of church and state, they legally recognize gay families (and while they don’t allow gay marriages yet, they do honor those performed in other nations), have solid laws against discrimination, and their military now even allows gay members to serve openly and proudly.

That means that if any actual imminent destruction ever threatens Israel, gay men and women will be right there on the front lines defending their country. It thus seems a poor thank-you to have a member of the government ranting about how they are on the same level as drug-addicts who need to be institutionalized.

5 Responses to Israeli Knesset Member Warns of “Gay Plague”

  1. anxiousmofo says:

    “… caught in the act of gay by his gaystapo”

    Nice wording, Bad Idea. Pure comedy gold, that.

  2. October Mermaid says:

    Why on earth are so many theists so obssesed with homosexuality? You’d think it was worse than murder or kitten eating. Even if you think it’s “icky yucky,” I mean.. it’s still not that big of a deal, I shouldn’t think.

  3. You would think that if any group of people would be sensitive to the evils of bigotry……well, I’m sure you can finish the thought.


  4. LP says:

    Honestly, homosexuality seems to just scare the shit out of some people.

  5. […] Threat to Israel Revealed: It’s Earthquakes! Back when Israeli Kessnet member Nissim Ze’ev was ranting about how gays were a plague that would destroy Israel, I wondered openly just what the heck he could possibly mean: how exactly were gay people going to […]

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