Expelled!: a “Revenge Film” for Bitter College Dropouts

Via, Pharyngula, I see that the De Moines Register has a brief article noting that ID proponent Guillermo Gonzalez, like countless non-celebrity professors, is seeking a new tenure track appointment at another university in the wake of his failure to receive tenure at ISU. It’s going to be a hard sell at this point. Would you hire a man whose track record is that he’ll make movies and write glossy books for laypeople with a theologian instead of working on astronomy department business… and who will then sue you when you fail to promote him for this neglect?

Expelled! will be presenting his case as one of pure viewpoint discrimination of course, and I suspect they won’t even mention his failure to win virtually any grants or the huge dropoff in his publication record, not even to try to explain these failings away. Nor, for that matter, do I expect any serious defense of his actual ideas, as if would be warranted if they were critical science instead of sacred religious beliefs. For all the noise about Intelligent Design being important science, ID fans seem remarkably reluctant to debate or discuss the content of these ideas in their promotional efforts. Heck, even Ben Stein choked when a friendly interviewer asked him to explicitly list some of the productive insights that Intelligent Design could offer.

The article also quotes Hector Avalos, a religious studies professor at ISU and something of a boogeyman for many in the Intelligent Design movement, as giving one of the better descriptions of the Expelled! I’ve seen so far:

He said he sees “Expelled” as a “revenge film meant to create political and public support for those who unsuccessfully attempted to present (intelligent design) as science in our educational system.”

2 Responses to Expelled!: a “Revenge Film” for Bitter College Dropouts

  1. Matt says:

    It really does seem to be a huge comedy of errors.
    Very Keystone Cops-esque.

  2. October Mermaid says:

    Everything I hear about this Expelled movie makes me sick. What’s worse are the youtube videos for the trailers where everyone is talking about what a great film it will be, and the comments are full of quote mining to “disprove” evolution.

    Oh, and the best part of nearly every creationist video on there? Comments are either turned off entirely or you have to have approval before they’re posted. Figures.

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