Busy. M’kay?

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately.  It turns out that everything has been perfect and reasonable and nothing has been deserving of criticism the last few days, which really, comes as quite a relief to all of us.

Unfortunately, with everything from the Florida creationism fight to the release of Expelled! to NewsTarget’s (now “Natural News”) continued existence, this spell of sense and sanity surely cannot last.

2 Responses to Busy. M’kay?

  1. N.B. says:

    It amazes me that NewsTarget manages to sustain itself. You’d think that that much conspiracy theory-loaded bullshit would produce a gravitational field capable of collapsing the entire volume into a black hole. Mike Adams and his team of cronies are a truly dedicated bunch to keep it afloat.

  2. South Park references now? Wow, you ARE bored! ;>)

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