Creationists In Action, Preying on Children

Despite his pleasant-sounding name, the Friendly Atheist has a real mean streak sometimes, like when he tricks readers into watching things that will make them ill:

Imaging calling yourself an “educator” when you spend your days looking children in the eyes and tell them things like “Fossils are usually boring because they are made up of dead things” or teaching them to recite dogma like “How do you know?” over and over instead of spending time at least mentioning (even if they don’t agree with it) how scientists do, in fact, claim to be able to know.

I’ve got nothing against homeschooling as an educational philosophy: heck, if you can really spend that amount of one on one time to educate your kids, that’s awesome, and certainly has the potential to really help them excel. But when it becomes an excuse to spread and maintain ignorance instead of informing them about the world they live in, it really starts to strain the meaning of the word “education.”

12 Responses to Creationists In Action, Preying on Children

  1. maybenextyear says:

    “…and on your left you can clearly see Mr. Flintstone and Mr. Rubble playing with their pet dinosaurs. Not only did man live amongst these creatures, they trained them to carry their bowling balls! Lets say that together: Bowling Balls.”

  2. satoruvash says:

    “Science that does not support their faith, is not good science.”

    Ideally, if you want to spread any kind of philosophy, teaching followers about the views of the opposition is a good idea, if only to brainstorm ways to refute their claims. However, in their case, it would not be beneficial. Their beliefs have so many holes that any rational human being would recognize the faulty arguments upon further investigation.

    The leaders of the group appear to have done some homework for the interview. However, as baffling as their steadfast belief in a New Earth is even after the homework, and as scary as the child automatons they preach to are, it would be even more frightening if all those people in the video were as aware of Evolution as the tour leaders and yet continued to believe.

    If the crowd is simply unaware of the details in Evolution, there is still hope. But, if they are and still dismiss it, then there is little hope of fixing that extreme level of delusion.

  3. Troy Britain says:

    I caught that Nightline myself, and watching children being lied to and then regurgitating those lies right back, stating them with confidence, definitely made my stomach turn.

  4. barryweber says:

    You may be able to watch this whole thing; I can’t. Child abuse is wrong, wrong, wrong and that’s what Biblically Correct Tours of Denver is perpetuating here:
    intellectual child abuse.

  5. theroan says:

    You can’t say it’s abuse or ‘preying’ on children it states pretty clearly that the parents were there.

  6. Chad says:

    I love the “how do you know?” part. What bothers me the most about it is the fact that even after we tell them how we know those deluded bastards respond with “Well, how do you know?” It’s like talking to a small child who asks “why?” to everything you say, over and over. With children it’s understandable, but with adults it’s just plain pathetic.

  7. Bad says:

    You can’t say it’s abuse or ‘preying’ on children it states pretty clearly that the parents were there.

    The fact that the parents are right there makes it all the worse, not better.

  8. Quester says:

    Personally, I’m impressed this was on the news. I wonder if the station got many letters about this segment.

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  10. Nemisis says:

    You know, I never understood how religon and evolution conflict with each other. To me, Evolution is just our way to trying to understand how God creates life. Why is it such a big taboo for them to except the idea that Dinosaurs existed millions of years ago, that they did not walk with men. That the earth is a billion years old.

    This will only harm the child in the long run. If they think they are being lied to, they might turn their backs on it. Or they will become like the tour guide.

    Science and Religon do not need to be conflicting entities. Using science is just our way of trying to understand the world around us; revealing more then what the bible tells us.

  11. Bad says:

    While obviously I’m not religious, I completely agree. Science reveals the world around us, no more, no less. Some people believe that there are specific other things out there than just the “world around us” and that’s fine, as long we all understand that they are outside the scope of science.

  12. Trademark says:

    Wow, it’s Westboro all over again, but the child version.

    These guys are total crackheads to believe what has little proof when compared to scientific fact. Even what they said about what the Bible says makes no sense. I should know, paying attention in grade 10 religion class actually helps for once.

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