More Creationist Clips from Expelled!: These are the Horrible, Fire-Breathing Atheists?

Some more of the footage from the Intelligent Design film Expelled! is becoming available. In this case, it’s some of the footage that the producers bought from unwitting scientists like Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers, both of whom are, in addition to being scientist, are also proponents of atheism. That is, of course, no accident: the message of the film is that evolution is an ideology, not science, and trying to confuse scientific evidence with the personal opinions of atheists in particular is key to that strategy.

But geez: this is some pretty darn tame stuff:

No burning down the churches, no banning public expression of belief: just the hope that as people learn more, they will become less religious. This was the best they could get for their supposedly damning clips?

And really, this expression of secular hopes are not exactly the only view out there about how science affects religion and vice-versa. Though atheists like Dawkins and Myers are of course critical, there are plenty of other scientists like Francis Collins and Kenneth Miller who feel that their religious convictions were enhanced by their understanding of science, rather than hurt. As far as we know, based on the now numerous summaries of the films content (and honestly, there’s ultimately not too much of deep substance to begin with in any film), none of these sorts of voices receive honest recognition or expression as pretty obvious counter-examples against the “evolution is an atheist religion” accusation.

The fact that science makes some God some beliefs (like Young Earth Creationism) untenable and others (like more deistic beliefs) unnecessary is a consequence of the scientific evidence, not the cause of it. That the filmmakers went to such dishonest lengths just to spend hours filming scientists talking about atheism, rather than science, just goes to show how desperate they are to avoid confrontation with this reality.

Update: Somewhat late, but Rush Limbaugh apparently loved Expelled! Who could have seen that coming? Unfortunately, he doesn’t do much more than repeat, undefended, the same litany of accusations that the film pushes, and then somehow add all of this rambling ranting up to the conclusion that (the religious!) Democratic candidate for President, Barack Obama, is terrible for the country.

14 Responses to More Creationist Clips from Expelled!: These are the Horrible, Fire-Breathing Atheists?

  1. literarydeadkittens says:

    Excellent article. Thank you.

  2. SuperJesus says:

    It’s worth noting that when PZ Myers signed up to attend a screening of Expelled… and he was kicked out (expelled if you will) from the theater by the film’s producer. Adding to the irony they failed to notice Dr. Myers’ guest who proceeded to enter and see the film without him. His guest was Richard Dawkins. There is a post Expelled interview you can watch here:

    Super J.

  3. Bad says:

    It is worth noting. That’s why I noted it. :)

  4. SuperJesus says:

    Gee, sorry I didn’t read all of your blog entries before posting a comment. You are clearly superior and I should not have tried to add a relevant note to your already complete blog universe.

  5. Bad says:

    Come on, I was just chiding, don’t take it so seriously. I even used the international symbol of “I’m just being snarky.”


  6. chillinatthecabstand says:

    Wow those atheists are so hateful


  7. Ebonmuse says:

    Come on – that’s it? For truth’s sake, PZ and Dawkins were tame in that clip! Even the scary music playing behind them didn’t make those interviews any more ominous. They think religion isn’t true, and they hope that it will fade away naturally as people become more educated. Is this really the best evidence of persecution that ID folks have to offer? These are the frightful boogeymen they want to wave before their audience?

    I wonder if the producers of this film were disappointed with the interviews, but had to include them anyway to fill space. Either that, or their persecution complex is wound to such a high pitch that even these mild criticisms send them shrieking for the hills in terror.

  8. Bad says:

    But Dawkins believes in ALLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEENS!! (Or rather, he doesn’t, but that was the best they could come up with)

  9. tedrick says:

    You ever notice how some Christians will say they don’t “believe” in evolution, much like they don’t “believe” in Buddha, or Allah? They might as well say the don’t believe in gravity, or that matter is made up of atoms.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Barack has a “c” in it ;)

  11. Bad says:

    Not when I type it, it doesn’t. Apparently. Of course, my mistyping it, according to one recent creationist commenter, means I cannot possibly have anything legitimate worth reading to say about Obama.

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