The Atheist Game of Life: Fun While it Lasted!

Ok, I have to admit:

This game is pretty darn funny. (spoilers after the break)

I unfortunately have to take points away from the site not using browser-cookies so that the game is truly playable one time only (you can just refresh it, currently).

But I did enjoy spending a decent amount of time customizing my directional keys to a more usable format, only to “lose” in about two seconds and a single keystroke of play.

Of course, the nitpicker in me can’t help but point out that being an atheist does not technically preclude a belief in, let alone a hope for, some sort of afterlife. Heck, if we can have this particular life without necessarily having to believe that a God created it, why couldn’t it be possible that there’s more to life out there we just aren’t aware of, also not requiring a God to explain its existence?

It’s as likely as anything else I suppose, metaphysically… which is to say, as unlikely as anything else.

Me, I’ll take, and appreciate, whatever I happen to get.

One Response to The Atheist Game of Life: Fun While it Lasted!

  1. neohorizons says:

    For some reason I stand in the middle, but your post makes more sense to me than most of the things I’ve heard.

    and the game was hilarious!

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