Evangelical Extravaganza Expelled! Has the Best Friends Money Can Buy

The folks over at Expelled! have been bombarding me with promotional advertising lately. The latest is what appears to be a mockup poster, complete with those little movie critic quotes. Well, not real movie critics exactly: right-wing talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Michael Medved (the latter, it should probably be noted, actually works for the Discovery Institute, the very Intelligent Design Think-Tank celebrated in the film). But then there’s this far more legitimate sounding quote:

“Four stars!”
-Ted Baehr, editor, MovieGuide

Wow, four stars! From a MovieGuide, no less! Sounds great.

On the other hand, MovieGuide is not quite the non-partisan outfit you might think. In fact, it’s a less of a movie review site and more of a, well “ministry dedicated to redeeming the values of the mass media according to biblical principles, by influencing entertainment industry executives and helping families make wise media choices.”

Just as a sampling of what that entails, one of their recent news headlines reads: “Ford Accepts Demands to End Its Sodomite Bias.” Its review of the Will Ferrell fart-movie “Semi-Pro” notes that the film has a “Strong mixed pagan worldview with light Christian references, but set in a comical context” In fact, most of its reviews seem to use words like “pagan” and “humanist” without any hint that the reviewer understands what those words mean.

And, as it happens, Ted Baehr isn’t just any ultra-extreme evangelical paga-phobe. He’s an ultra-extreme evangelical paga-phobe who presents himself as an independent reviewer of films despite the fact that he also gets paid to promote various films through his for-profit marketing company, Kairos Marketing (which now seems to have either changed its name or gone underground). According to Christianity Today:

Several film reviewers say they’ve never heard of a movie critic taking money to promote films. One prominent reviewer said that it’s ethically “about as far over the line as you can go.”

While ethics certainly haven’t proven necessary for the promotion of Expelled!, it’s really no surprise that Baehr would love Expelled! regardless. Still, his actual review is still a pretty priceless read. It’s like a gag reel of every goofy misrepresentation that Expelled! is trying to push, all bought hook-line-and-sinker by a guy who thinks that Will Ferrell worships Baal. Here’s a sampling of what I mean:

He interviews professor Richard Sternberg, who lost his long-term job at the Smithsonian Institute (wrong) because he dared to publish a peer-reviewed article (wrong) with two or three references to intelligent design (wrong). The article did not endorse intelligent design(wrong), but the very mention of intelligent design brings severe repression from the pseudo-scientific academic community (wrong). He then talks to Dr. Caroline Crocker, who lost her professorship at George Mason for having one reference to ID (wrong).

Heck, if this guy would only learn to bold random words, he could probably get a “gig” replacing fictional movie-critic Jackie Harvey at the Onion.

11 Responses to Evangelical Extravaganza Expelled! Has the Best Friends Money Can Buy

  1. Matt says:

    Damn, how come you get all the stupid advertising? Sounds like fun to rip it apart and point out the stupidity in it!

  2. Bad says:

    Well, to be fair: it’s because I signed up for it, of course!

  3. madmonq says:

    Of course they’re going to promote to the choir. It’s the only group that will/has to listen (unless you pay them). Everyone else will think it’s a boring science documentary or, even more boring, a boring preachy church sermon with science thrown in as justification.

    Hey wait! I guess they’d be right!

  4. splendidelles says:

    Teehee. I signed up for it as well. Some of it is great fun to laugh at, some of it makes my blood boil. You’ve got to keep tabs on them anyway…

  5. Natasha says:

    Yikes, what garbage. I’m kind of torn, though. I want to watch it when it comes out, but I also don’t want to even give the appearance of support. I guess the only way is to, erm, pirate it. Hmm…

  6. As founder of the Christian Film & Television commission, and founder of the website http://www.movieguide.org with my long-term partner Dr. Tom Snyder, and as a proud Log Cabin Republican, let me first express my dismay at this blog.

    God is on my side, gentlemen, and with my strict interpretation of Biblical principles and complete faith in Jesus Christ, I know that I will continue to rake in loads of money as kickbacks and from ignorant Southerners paying $40 a year to sign up on my website, to view the archives of old reviews and to receive a yearly Christmas card from me and Tom. I am right when I say all religions, especially Islam (and its gay paedophiliac proto-Democrat founder, bacon-eatin’ Mohammed) are false, except the True Religion, that of Christianity. My version of it.

    Continue to sling mud at the Truth and the Light I bring to modern media, and I will have my Jewish lawyers hit you with an injunction (finally, Jews useful for something!). I am running a legitimate website indoctrinating gullible, sub-average intelligent white-trash Southern-state redneck Americans into thinking that a fanciful old white man in a beard and white smocks, created the universe and wrote the Bible and then mysteriously vanished, only occasionally sending myself and the Greatest President Ever, George W. Bush, a beam of divine inspiration.

    If any of you communist welfare-state sodomaniacs want to complain, my toll-free number is1-800-577-6684. If you’re in Atlanta and want a throw-down with myself or my “rear admiral” Tommy Snyder, call us at 770-825-0084. But you b***hes won’t, because you know I’m right.

    Yours in Christ,

    Dr. Ted Baehr

  7. Bad says:

    Suffice to say, that it becomes very quickly apparent that the above comment was not, in fact, written by Dr. Ted Baehr. I’m not sure how to look on sarcastic hoax posts like this: they don’t really contribute much of worth to the debate, and running around calling people rednecks and unintelligent is insulting and pointless.

  8. I am the real Dr. Ted Baehr, and the above post is not of my doing. It should be clear from my website that my only interest is making money off the fad of baiting christians with allegations that a secular socialist network is working against them.

  9. Bad says:

    Not your doing? Then why are you posting from the exact same IP address as the previous poster?

    You’re seriously making me consider revising my just created commenting policy. Anything goes is a good ideal, I guess, but I really intended it to mean “anything goes” in debate, not in using the comments for a theatrical performances or transparently nasty satire.

  10. Dr. T Baehr says:

    i AM the real ted baehr theyre all fakers. GOD will smite em.

  11. Outralarore says:

    Good day!
    Good post

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