Expelled! Forgets to Mention: Holocaust Was Intelligently Designed & Anti-Semitic Creationists

Two things worth covering regarding the imminent Expelled!. First off, John Pieret over at Thoughts in a Haystack notes yet another reason why the film’s driveby smear of evolution as an ideology that bears genocidal fruit doesn’t add up. As Pieret points out, one of the primary complaints from creationists, especially in the film, is that evolution explains nature without reference to any teleology or external purposing or direction. This oft cited lack of purpose supposedly leads people to moral depravity (though, in reality, this critique merely confuses scientific description with moral proscription).

But this complaint is flatly incompatible with the insistence that evolution Holocaust, eugenics, and so on are all the logical end of accepting the evolutionary description of the natural world. For eugenics and Aryan racism alike are nothing if not deeply teleological. Hitler was not interested in human fitness as determined by the natural course of human technology and culture: he sought to impose his own very specific will on it. Eugenics, the same. The Holocaust was, in fact, the directed design of an “intelligent” agent: a depraved and malicious one.

And over at Stranger Fruit, John Lynch finds something even stranger: while over in Europe bemoaning the Darwin’s “necessary but not sufficient” contribution to the Holocaust, Ben Stein hobnobs with a certain Maciej Giertych, who Lynch notes is a “professor of dendrology, right-wing member of the (Catholic) League of Polish Families, member of the European Parliament, candidate for the presidency of Poland, signatory of the DI’s “Dissent from Darwinism” statement…” You might remember him from the clip in which he sagely declares that evolutionary processes are incapable of generating “new information.” But as it turns out, Giertych is also something of an old-fashioned anti-semite:

Jews are not pioneers. They do not go conquering the wild world or overpowering the hazards of nature. They settle among other civilizations, preferably among the rich. They tend to migrate from poorer to richer lands.They do so always as a group, immediately forming their own separate community.

In other words, here’s Stein, all choked up about the extermination of Jews, nodding along with a guy celebrating the same stereotypes, rhetoric, and hatreds that spiraled out of control in post WWI Germany. Here’s more about Giertych and the philosophies he champions in Poland: including the idea that Jews and Catholics cannot live together in the same civilization.

Strange bedfellows indeed.

10 Responses to Expelled! Forgets to Mention: Holocaust Was Intelligently Designed & Anti-Semitic Creationists

  1. Hugo says:


    More seriously sick & twisted stuff. Gawd, how it doth make the stomach churn. It’s yet another example of why there really ought to be a coalition of unlikely allies to combat pseudo-science and scientistic excess. Its bad for science and bad for living things. Gore the climatologist. Now Stein the biologist. It’s just getting ridiculous. (Of course I would argue that PBS via “Nova” has been doing ideologically-driven meta-analysis for years, but that’s not anywhere near the same level as some of this science-ish junk-tainment.) The way things are going, “truth” will be a function of the production values of the last claimant to truth.

    On another note, if you feel like it, please opine on Mr. Obama’s guns ‘n’ God thing. Should he be accepted for seeing churchgoing as a crutch for the frustrated? I mean, it’s not like he’s alone. Is the country ready for that?

  2. Bad says:

    I honestly having been paying much attention to the primaries lately: the fact that the Democrats seem to have royally screwed up what seemed like a perfect storm is just too depressing.

  3. Hugo says:

    It is depressing, and I recommend you continue with better things through the Summer, unless you’re in one of the remaining states with upcoming primaries or caucuses. Barack’s on both sides on religion, and it’s very uncomfortable to see him twist. I figured you’d have an interesting take on it, but admittedly it’s a low subject.

    NOT LIKE OUR BEN STEIN, the Leni Riefenstahl of the Nickelodeon. You know, of course, that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of these doxumentaries (doxa being Gr. for opinion), from all sides. So many outlets; so little content. So many niches to fill. So many customizable echo chambers and personal pools of Narcissus in which to indulge one’s impulse to auto-validation. (That’s what an actual sign reads—without the hyphen—in the garage of the San Francisco Chronicle.)

  4. Bad says:

    I’ve actually generally found him to be good on religion, insofar as his substantive views on SoCaS are exactly what I would want. His actual religious views I don’t care much about, but him being caught flat footed in the face of his pastors casual idiocy, on the other hand, I can’t defend.

  5. Ed Darrell says:

    I think the correct term is “mockumentary.”

    Hey, do you think Maciej Giertych knew Stein is a Jew?

    Double whammy possible there.

  6. Bad says:

    I’m sure he knew. I think he’s okay with Jews visiting his “civilization” he just doesn’t think the “civilizations” can be mixed.

  7. Hugo says:

    Ed, this has got to be really dispiriting for you, shoring up the breakwater that holds back religious dogma from subsuming science, only to have to keep an eye out for rogue waves from Hollywood while you’re at it.

    (I’m still jiggering with the doxa- prefix; it’s gotta fit somehow!)

    The fundies are collecting money to make one contra AGW. No kidding. The way these things get made is a nice little expose in itself; suffice it to say the “communications” firms of the Right always win no matter the box office receipts, and the content? That’s just the come-on for the mailing lists. The subject doesn’t matter as long as it gets the bluebottles to open their pocketbooks and, above all, keep those mailing lists fresh and growing!

  8. […] this is not to confuse or compare ID supporters with Holocaust deniers (though as I already noted, the Polish politician the film cites about how Poland is intellectually freer than America IS some […]

  9. Jurjen S. says:

    Darwin’s “contribution” to the Holocaust “necessary but not sufficient”? As if there weren’t any pogroms prior to the publication of The Origin of Species. If w’re looking at contributing factors to persecution of Jews, we can trace a far stronger causal relationship to Matthew 27:25 and Martin Luther’s On the Jews and their Lies.

  10. Bad says:

    The frightening thing about the latter is that it’s almost a note for note match for what actually did happen in the Holocaust: how various plans for ridding Christian nations of the influences of Jews escalate towards physical removal by either mass deportation or, failing that, genocide.

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