HJ Live Interviews Expelled’s Mark Mathis

Greg Wright and HollywoodJesus have been covering the film Expelled! over at SteinWatch for quite some time now. Wright has been fairly skeptical of both sides of this debate, and while I’ve spent some time disagreeing with his positions on the film, he’s nailed down enough excess, overstatement, and error from people in both camps to qualify as a must-read perspective.

For instance, Wright today has an interview with Expelled’s associate producer, Mark Mathis that manages to get significantly more detail on the film’s production than we’ve seen previously, including mention of other film titles that were under consideration along with “Expelled” earlier in the project’s production. Mathis also repeats his usual implication about the film not receiving substantive criticism:

Throughout the last weeks, maybe even months, what we have seen are allegations, charges that are made, that are not substantive, that don’t cut to the heart of the film’s arguments, that are really nothing more than insignificant distractions.

I agree that in the grand scope of things, debates over the behavior of the production are pretty insignificant (though I’m not sure that those aren’t issues still worth looking at on their own terms). But when it comes to whether critics have addressed substantive issues, I would say that it’s either Mathis that’s simply too distracted to notice that they have done so (indeed, in many cases have been doing so long before the movie was even conceived), or that he himself wants to distract others from noticing said substantial criticism.

If you missed it, Wright also interviewed PZ Myers a little ways back about his perspective on the film, his featured interview in it, and the infamous Mall of America screening that Myers was ejected from.

4 Responses to HJ Live Interviews Expelled’s Mark Mathis

  1. Quidam says:

    Mathis is getting rather tiresome with his continual Corporal Shultzeque “I know nothing, I know nothing”

    Yeah we know you’re an Ass Prod, but since you know nothing, why are you the one trotting round the country yapping about it? Let’s interview the organ grinder.

  2. Bad says:

    He honestly might not know nothing. There no reason why he would necessarily have even listened to critics, or have any idea exactly what concerns them. Which makes his characterizations of critics even more silly of course, but doesn’t make his lack of knowledge about certain things (like where the video came from) an act.

  3. I think you’ve got the wrong URL for the Mathis interview above. It’s pointing to 1833, which is the same as the P.Z. interview. It should be pointing to 1940.

  4. Bad says:

    Thanks, good catch. Corrected.

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