Late Night TV Discovers Most Offensive Thing Ever

Apparently, if you own a television (and thank goodness I chucked mine), and had it switched on during the 4th of July, you may have been lucky enough to encounter this utterly unbelievable dadaesque monstrosity of commercial insanity:

Liberia: “What, too soon?”

And it’s real.

Anyway, after watching that commercial, I sort of wanted to call this 1-900 number instead.

9 Responses to Late Night TV Discovers Most Offensive Thing Ever

  1. Gawd! It’s not a joke, either. Or is it?

  2. Geis says:

    I recall it saying that it was silver LEAF, which means there probably isn’t much silver there. I couldn’t find a weight but given that it’s $20 Liberian, the exchange rate makes it worth about 31 cents US. THAT’S what I find offensive about it.

  3. Bad says:

    Liberia apparently has been part of a lot of “legal tender” scams. They even have a “legal tender” coin featuring Star Trek captains.

  4. Can I spend it at the local Walmart?

  5. Geis says:

    At a Liberian Wal-Mart, perhaps.

  6. Wow. It is the first time that currency has ever used the numbers 9 and 11 separately to represent 20. I feel so patriotic all of a sudden. Die pesky terrorists. The power of the Liberian Mint empowers us.

  7. It’s not as bad as that coin coated with silver “found in the vaults of the World Trade Center” with pop-up twin towers. That was garish and useless. This is merely useless. Also, garish.

    Perhaps I haven’t formulated the best argument.

  8. jrmarnie says:

    I dont suppose too many people would be shocked if it is in fact legit.

  9. Bad says:

    As far as I can tell, it’s legit. Liberia issues all sorts of bizarre vanity currency for just this purpose. Something got lost in the translation here on this one: something like, I dunno, common sense. I just pity the English-speaking announcer who had to read the script with actual sincere-sounding enthusiasm.

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