Conservapedia’s “Reasonable Explainations” for Atheism

Oy. Via Daniel De Groot at Open Left comes a glimpse into the minds of people that cannot win arguments outside of their own little sandbox:

As De Groot notes, it’s not entirely clear what the unreasonable explanations for atheism would be, in light of this list.

But I have an excellent relationship with my father, Conservapedia. Thanks for the concern.


2 Responses to Conservapedia’s “Reasonable Explainations” for Atheism

  1. Samuel Skinner says:

    Conservapedia- it isn’t the death of reason- the is the kidnapping, brutal beating and gangland style execution of reason.
    – Mad Magazine (although the quote was slightly different)

  2. mothers day says:

    Unquestionably go along with admn. At last a blogger gets the balls to tell it like it is.

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