Bigfoot Has Heart Attack, Dies En Route to Press Conference

Skeptics everywhere are waiting with perfectly normal breath for the imminent press conference: two professional Bigfoot hunters are claiming that they’ve finally bagged a specimen. There’s even a decidedly nasty photo of the find with what looks like an extra from Planet of the Apes stuffed in an ice cream freezer.

The hunters claim several Bigfoots were spotted walking upright in the area the body was found but won’t reveal the location “to protect the creatures”.

The proud caretakers of the alleged Bigfoot body are promising DNA evidence and more convincing documentation soon.

As we know all too well, the follow-up stories will rarely get bigger headlines than the original claims… even if these guys are later exposed as the most blatant of liars. The result is that the idea of Bigfoot will get another cultural “bump” (in internet message-board parlance). The specific content of the “bump” rarely even matters for such things: even the embarrassment of exposed fraud or ridiculous mistake won’t undo the interest generated.

For two guys with a business based around Bigfoot, that’s a pretty hefty motive for shenanigans. They’re going to have quite a burden of proof here.

Update: Looks like we won’t even have to wait. A “legitimate” Bigfoot research outfit makes a pretty open and shut case for “hoax.” All the guys in question have a history of outright hoaxing, and their story here doesn’t hold up either.

They even have a prediction on how everything will go down that sounds right to me:

But instead, here’s what you might expect from the press conference: Biscardi will waltz in with two smiling impostor Russian “scientists” … who will say whatever Biscardi has paid them to say about the “body” that he’ll never allow the press to examine in the flesh.

4 Responses to Bigfoot Has Heart Attack, Dies En Route to Press Conference

  1. Scam says:

    At last, someone else who doesn’t believe that this story is all it seems to be.

    I would like to believe, but I just can’t see this being real, with the motives for a hoax being exactly as you yourself described.

  2. BS Detector says:

    Hopefully when all is said and done and the hoax is exposed these guys will face the same scrutiny and punishment as the “run-away” bride.

  3. hoaxbuster says:

    Kull is not an independent investigator apart from Biscardi, he is a partner with Bascardi and is doing damage control to separate them from Matt and Rick, this ruse was done in 2005 by Bascardi when Bascardi got outed by George Noory from who was pulling the same hoax about having a Bigfoot, Bascardi said in the press conference that he touched, poked, and prodded the creature…watch the press conference. This is larceny by conversion if money has exchanged hands by any of these members of the hoaxing parties. The same type of hoax is being perpetrated by John Lenard Walson and his partner Gridkeeper on youtube right now. I wonder how many times the cop Matt Whitton lied on the stand to get convictions, if he would lie to the world you can bet he would lie to a judge. Tom Bescardi and Kull are Con-men selling snake-oil, giving cryptoid researchers a bad name. to them it’s all part of making money anyway they can. for more info on Bascardi check out

  4. John Provocative says:

    Most of the angry comments on you tube videos of the hoax are directed at Matt and Rick. This anger should primarily be directed at Biscardi.He’s the big fish. Go after him.
    Google :Catskill Bigfoot
    What a crock of $#!%

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