Comment Policy

It’s pretty simple: feel free to debate any position you want. Feel free to be polite, or to wreck up the place. We accept all comers.

However, the one thing I don’t look kindly on are comments that are essentially pre-written copy/paste responses. If you’re going to comment on a post, or respond to other commenters, do me and them the courtesy of at least writing in real time in a way that demonstrates that you read what was written and are responding to it directly. Anything else is just too hard to distinguish from spam.

An off-topic post here and there isn’t a big deal, but if a post is completely random and promotional in nature, I reserve the right to simply delete it, though you’ll usually get one warning first, asking you to respond or clarify why the comment or link is relevant.

I also reserve the right to remove/de-link repeated links to other sites, especially if these sites are in any way connected to a specific for-profit product.

Also: be aware that the spam filters on WordPress are not perfect. They especially don’t like posts with lots and lots of links (more than 3 is usually a danger area), though they seem to sometimes target even posts without links.

Thus, if your comment does not show up within a few seconds of you posting, it’s very possible, and fact almost certain, that it got wrongly classified as spam (I don’t require moderation approval for comments, so the only thing between you and commenting is the spam filter). The best thing to do is to comment again an saying “Where the heck is my comment!!!!” and hopefully that will get through. It all else fails, email me. I should be able to retrieve your comment as long as I find out about the problem soon enough.

Link Exchanges: Again, these are just too hard for me to tell apart from spam. I won’t respond to requests for link exchanges. I add people to the blogroll and link to them based purely on liking their content. If you link here, and I see that and I like your writing, I’ll link back to you as part of the natural order of things. Or maybe I won’t. It’s not really a big deal. Be interesting, and I’ll link to the interesting stuff, just as I hope that I’m sometimes interesting enough to be linked.

5 Responses to Comment Policy

  1. nitababytoo says:

    I continually read “get over the race issue”. It’s apparent reading through these comments and many others, it’s not forgotten. This is “2008” not “1965”!!!

    My only wish or is “hope” more appropriate, is that you guys do a little less blogging and a lot more factual research. How does one gain “Presidential Experience”? How many of presidents past, lack military experience? Aren’t you tired of the same o same o? The same status quo?

    Hey guys…does your spell check work?

  2. nitababytoo says:

    Please forgive this is not for comment on your policy. I will post in the appropriate space. Please delete. Thanks

  3. Bad says:

    No problem. I’ll leave it up for now in case you want to copy paste it or something.

  4. Дави says:

    Весёленький сайт!

  5. Elizabeth Thompson says:

    My comment/complaint is as follows. I do like your product and have used it for years. I started using splenda with fiber about 6 months ago. I now have a total of 2 boxes in which roughly 20 to 30 packets were empty. I fail to understand how or why this happens in todays modern packaging industry. The bar code on this box is ” 7 22776 20180 0 “… I dont mind spending money for a product that I like, but paying for empty packages of Splenda is not my idea of a good deal. Your product is great, but your packaging and shipping needs help. Thank you. E Thompson.

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