Anti-Evolutionary Expelled Falls Off the Radar?

4 weeks in, and Ben Stein’s anti-evolutionary expose Expelled appears to be petering out on its run. Last weekend it only took in 0.3 million from its remaining 402 theaters, bringing its total haul to a respectable $7.2M It’s still not clear how much the film actually cost to make (probably not too much), or how much it cost to promote (probably quite a lot, considering the pricey markets they bought ads in), and thus whether Premise Media will ultimately break even.

More notably, there doesn’t seem to be any signs as of yet that the film has become the sort of cultural sensation its producers had hoped: no students raising their fists in biology classes, and aside from the pre-orchestrated “academic freedom” bills (many of which seem to have lost some steam themselves), little political impact. The movie’s blog hasn’t been updated in 3 weeks.

So what more is there to say at this point? Intelligent Design has a new corporate ally on the block, and for its opening salvo, it butted heads with the mainstream media and scientists, and mostly just ended up replaying the same old battles one more time. All without anyone having much new to say or any side accomplishing much.

Other than that, I really can’t think of anything. The larger debate goes on, unabated, with yet more bad blood between the participants. C’est la vie, I suppose.

7 Responses to Anti-Evolutionary Expelled Falls Off the Radar?

  1. dracil says:

    I think it’ll make about $8m and peter out as its revenue half-life is about 1 week and it started at $3.9m in the first week.

    Factoring the theater cut and distribution costs and they may get half of that.

    However, they may still make it all back through DVD sales.

  2. heatlight says:

    It’s not anti-evolutionary, as most of those interviewed, including the ID scientists, are avid evolutionists.

  3. Bad says:

    It’s not anti-evolutionary, as most of those interviewed, including the ID scientists, are avid evolutionists.

    I’ve already explained, many times over, why the film is anti-evolutionary, and you are welcome to respond to those arguments. I don’t think there’s much to debate, however, and asserting that it’s not seems like mostly a stalling or distracting tactic than a serious argument.

  4. Green Eagle says:

    I noticed a week or two ago that all of the steam seems to have run out of this film. It generated quite a bit of attention around the time of its release, but except for those of us who get a kick out of seeing creationists humiliate themselves, it has pretty well disappeared from the public consciousness.

    Yeah, it will probably enjoy some sort of extended life in the more disreputable sort of church basements, but other than that, it is pretty much an absolute failure in terms of having any effect on anyone.

    Sorry, Ben, Michael Moore you ain’t.

  5. Bad says:

    Well, exactly what did Moore’s films accomplish either? F911 was supposed to be the big takedown of the Bush policies coming out of 9/11 and into Iraq, and was released in 2004 for seeming maximum political impact. But it didn’t quite work out that way, did it? :)

  6. Green Eagle says:

    Michael Moore’s films are the product of a dedicated, experienced documentary filmmaker. They have been commercially successful in an unprecedented way for documentaries, and, yes, they have had a long term effect on the understanding of many people.

    “Expelled” is piece of lying hack work propaganda. It has largely been greeted with well deserved ridicule.

    There. That’s the difference.

  7. dracil says:

    I think documentaries in general aren’t going to change people’s minds. I think someone did a survey on people’s views on globa warming before and after An Inconvenient Truth, and there was pretty much no change.

    The thing with these documentaries is that the ones who’re going to watch it tend to be the ones who already agree with it already.

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