Sarah Palin’s Record as Mayor: Teeny Tiny Bush Administration

This is a truly startling little read, from one of Sarah Palin’s old constituents as Alaskan Mayor.

If she’s to be believed then Palin’s mayoral reign over the tiny town of Wasilla should sound startlingly familiar to anyone who’s watched the last 8 years of the Bush Administration deeply politicized mismanagement.

She fired experienced public servants because they won’t bow to bizarre ideology: including a librarian who refused to ban books Palin didn’t like. She sliced progressive taxes on the rich, raising regressive ones on the poor, and then spent lavishly: leaving the town in newfound debt. She hired a lobbyist who scored the tiny town almost 27million in federal pork. And in the face of management squabbles, she seems to have handed off the actual day to day administration to another person.

Pile this record on top of her support for ignorance-only sex education, creationist-seasoned science-classes, and a hearty round of theocratized historical ignorance and Christianist knee slappers and she sounds like the second coming of the Mayberry Machiavellis.

I’ve had a hard time getting too worked up about the thought of a McCain administration, but the idea of a Sarah Palin taking over wherever he finally leaves off is sounding less and less encouraging. Bush has gotten a worse rap than he deserves. Even still, I’m not eager to spend the next four to eight years sapping my forehead in everything from wearied exasperation to shock.


5 Responses to Sarah Palin’s Record as Mayor: Teeny Tiny Bush Administration

  1. He-he. Now how did I know this woman would drive you into a frenzy? ;>)

    Oh, well, look at the bright side. She’ll keep you knee deep in material for months, and maybe longer. Your description of her as a “coy creationist” was particularly apt.

    I still can’t believe McCain picked her. I’ll still vote for him, but now I’ll be holding my nose while I do it. And you know what? Now I really do hope there is a god, because if McCain gets in, I’ll be praying daily to that god to keep him alive for four years.

    Oh, btw, could you please check your email? I made a gaffe in a previous comment that I would be very grateful to have fixed. Thanks!


  2. rebeldreams says:

    ..and I laughed, and I laughed, and I laughed, and I laughed…

    all the way to the polling booth. :D

    Funny thing is, if there’s not a floor-fight (and there won’t be – the Republican’s never allow real dissent during their Conventions these days) they’re stuck with her. There will be no Eagleton moment here, and the reports will keep a-flowin’. And the laughs will keep a-comin’.

    Unless, of course, they win. Then we’ll start crying.

  3. Brutus says:

    Despite everything about her personal biography and family, it’s just the thing you mention above — her policies and behaviors as an office holder — that make her such a miserable candidate for many of us a such an attractive one for the rest of us. It hasn’t really shown up in the polls yet, but I have a difficult time imagining McCain/Palin winning the election. Now that she’s trust onto the national stage, however, it suspect she’ll have time to gain the experience and position herself for a later run at the highest office in the land. Who wants to contemplate a Hillary Clinton-Sarah Palin face-off? Shivers ….

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