Ghost Haunts Dumbells, Say Dumbells

Little needs to be said about this story, other than to wonder how this stuff manages to percolate up to top news sites like Fox, where a vague blob moving around in some security camera footage of a gym gets dubbed a “possible fitness phantom.”

Look: I know it’s too much to ask the news for “objectivity” or “balance” these days, but you’d think that the one thing news reporters should be good at is investigative skepticism. The FoxNews story says that a security company has ruled “out insects, dust and headlights from the outside” as the cause for the artifact (note that the original story doesn’t say any such thing.) How? It looks exactly like the standard “bug on the lens” effect: so how is that being “ruled out?”


4 Responses to Ghost Haunts Dumbells, Say Dumbells

  1. gigidiaz says:

    As a journalism major…. this kind of reporting stupidity really embarrasses me…

  2. Okay, this is a strange post. But I’m intrigued with all “the onion” type headlines. Must read more :)

  3. Honestly you should post these types of stories more often :)

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