Oprah Boycott: All Kinds of Stupid

Oh good grief. If you’ve been following drudge and a host of conservative pundits, you may have noticed an odd story crop up, seemingly out of nowhere, claiming that Sarah Palin had been denied a place on Oprah Winfrey’s show. The story then turned into drudge’s usual fallback: there had been anonymous debate behind the scenes as to whether Palin should be invited onto Oprah’s show. The whole thing appeared to be a bid to win Palin a free media spot.

But far from letting the sneaky bid drop once Oprah herself had denied the already substance-free rumors, people are actually serious about this. As in, they’re actually acting all outraged about it. The Florida Federation of Republican Women is even calling for an Oprah boycott.

The whole thing has a canny, stiffly staged air: an embarrassing spectacle of joiners playing to a campaign script, rather than people doing anything on principle. Oprah, for her part, seems to have a very reasonable and fair principle: no active, headline candidates during the campaign. She openly supports Obama, but since declaring so, has not invited him or his surrogates on to campaign. I don’t see any unfairness there. I see a media figure with a laudable policy of neutrality. Oprah owns her own show: if she wanted to use it to promote Obama constantly, she could have (within the limits of FEC regulations). But she hasn’t.

We’re 60 days out from the election. Sarah Palin is apparently going to spend the next two weeks in an undisclosed location, refusing questions from actual reporters, rejecting what would also be free media spots on countless news programs… but she’s somehow entitled to what amounts to a free campaign spot on Oprah’s (private) television show… when no other candidate, not even other female candidates like Hillary herself, is given such airtime. And that’s… unfair? Especially biased?

Nope. It’s all an act or profoundly cynical posturing: another out of the blue bid for attention. And the fact that people can promote it with a straight face, let alone use bombastic rhetoric about entitlement and desert, is simply astonishing.

8 Responses to Oprah Boycott: All Kinds of Stupid

  1. faith says:

    You wish. Get over it. Just think what his (Obama) net worth will be even if he loses. And he’s still young enough to come back maybe two or three times for Presidental consideration. Now all we have to do is pray that some race hater does not kill him. If they killed up all the Kennedys, you know what they would like to do to Obama. When will this country decide to give up this race s… and give us all a rest? The Mexicans have proven that white people don’t like to work and want everybody to work for them and make them rich. Who is lazy now? None of this would be going on if it were not for the racism in this country. It was how America was built. On the backs of slaves and then the slaves were call “lazy”.

  2. Andy says:

    I feel that it is oprah’s show and that she can have who ever she wants on it!!!!

  3. Bad says:

    “You wish…” what? What are you responding to?

  4. lostbecca says:

    i quit watching oprah years ago when she rose above her raising.she can promote obama all she wants. i havent watched her in years and wont because she is a hipocite

  5. lostbecca says:

    I work every day. and i am a americian… but i pay my taxes… me4xicans do not. So are they contributing to the usa….NO but i am. Get a life and see what is happening!!!

  6. Bad says:

    Not that it has much of anything, but your logic makes no sense. Illegal workers do pay taxes: sales taxes. And they are paid so little that they would receive Earned Income Tax if they were part of the system: i.e they’d GET tax money, not pay it out in any case. What they do contribute is cheap labor, which equals lower prices for everyone.

  7. The topic is quite hot on the Internet right now. What do you pay the most attention to when choosing what to write ?

  8. Honestly, I’m just happy she’s leaving network television. Over-ego may hinder her network.

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