A Brief Hiatus Ceases

After being away in the wilds of woolly New England, I’m back. Lest you think I rested on my laurels, I’m working on a review of David Berlinski’s “The Devil’s Delusion” (in which Berlinski, quite astonishingly, calls people other than himself pretentious) and a series of full-frontal assaults on some of the baddest of the bad ideas when it comes to moral philosophy and theology.

My favorite story that I missed while away? A substitute teacher in Florida was apparently accused of wizardry by a supervisor after performing a sleight-of-hand magic trick with a toothpick.


3 Responses to A Brief Hiatus Ceases

  1. Dana Hunter says:

    Incredible, wasn’t it? I’m going to have to track down a fundie and ask where in the Bible it says you’re a wizard if you have a toothpick scotch-taped to your thumb.

    And the stupid marches on…

  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Missed you. Welcome back.

  3. Bad says:

    The Bible, unfortunately, does seem to say that there is such a thing as witchcraft. Though this, like many points, is not something it’s particularly clear about (for instance, the question of whether the Bible is implying that other supernatural beings called Gods existed, of which Yaweh was simply the GOd of the Jews and claimed to be the most powerful, seems to change over the course of the collection).

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